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Dj E Man- Bronx, NY – Family of Indians 

By: Clarence Gonzales/ Lavonne Gonzales (Rezconnect Entertainment) 


Edguardo Vargas- Bronx, NY, grew up in the Bronx as a young man. During the 80’s there was a culture called ” Hip Hop”. At that time, hip hop was giving young adults and adolescents something positive to do. In that era was a time when gangs were about in the streets. 

There were many movies filmed about that era. About the violence that happened between street gang. Then the break dancing came about- Break’in, Beat Street were to name a few. There were rappers that came from that era. Rappers like Sugar Hill Gang, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Ice T, GrandMaster Flash and the Furious five. 

“Like any style of music, hip hop has roots in other forms, and its evolution was shaped by many different artists, but there’s a case to be made that it came to life precisely on August 11, 1973, at a birthday party in the recreation room of an apartment building in the west Bronx, New York.”- ( hip hop was born at a birthday party).

There were Dj’s that came from that era. Back in those days the disc jockeys would actually scratch and mix. There were times when the disc jockey was just a hand held cassette deck. Those were the times when the cardboard was laid out and the pop locking began. Dancing schools at that time became a big thing.

I’am Edguardo Vargas Aka Dj E Man and this is my story, my story of hip hop. I was born- June 6, 1966.  At St. Francis Hospital Bronx, NY. Our home was at the Mott Haven Projects 143rd Street Bronx, NY. I attended Mott Haven Head Start Bronx, NY, as a child. From the years 1972-1975. I attended the St. Anns School Bronx, NY from 1978-1981.

Mad Lab Studio is my label and I enjoy producing music. I enjoy being a disc jockey, Sound Engineer, Music Producer, Arranger, Audio Technician. In my line of work it’s a blessing just to experience what the world has to offer. For the fact that I grew up in the Bronx. You can experience and feel everything the world is. 

 My first party I Deejayed was a sweet six teen party. Back then I was a  DJ in the business for eight months. I was hired based on reference. From that event my dj business took off then it hit the streets. The funny thing is that young lady I did the sweet sixteen party for was the power source, when I would DJ in the streets. We used to DJ at 43rd and Willis and on 3rd at the dome. Mott Haven Center had a stage we used to set up at. I used to spin at bashes where  the attendee’s were random. Master Flash, Marle marl and the Casanovas would show up. Little Wells, from the Casanovas, was my brother in law. That was the main crew that would back the Furious five. The leader was Tiny, in those days you had to have them or the black spades, security at the event. Or your equipment would get taken.

“Back in those days, the people would love the young Puerto Rican kid entertaining the black folks until three to five in the morning. Zulu nation, Afrika Bambaataa, Dj Red alert were from up river.”

My father was working for a book company that established books on how to make recipes for certain foods, little bibles and dictionaries.  They would throw extra supplies away. Dad would bring them home. One time in Catholic High school which was de witt Clinton. I got caught cheating on a test from a little bible. In those days I would study those little bibles. I would sell the little bibles and dictionaries at school and make money. That same principle that reported me cheating to my dad. Had asked me if I could get any more of those little bibles and dictionaries. When I told dad they wanted to buy books, my dad said what you gonna do. He said there’s a few boxes of them in the closet. 

After I made the money selling the little bibles and dictionaries. I would make my way to the Wiz record store. They used to sell records and break beats. We would extend the drum on the record with an echo and start the rap. I would buy two copies of  the record to get the mixing done. An example- on the sound record of the movie “Grease” track. We used to cut that record and make breaks. Like the long run at thirty- three and forty fives and cut em. You have to be really fast to cut sometimes they have a twelve second break. 

“Needles, I used to ad dye, on top of the needle to scratch so the needle doesn’t go off the groove. I used to put a line on the record for the spin.”

“My crew name was the “ROCK MASTERS” crew est 1981. My brother and I, we had 5 Mc’s. Cool supreme, Cool Dee, Master Rob (RIP ), David Dee, Cal Ski. We broke up  by 1984. I kept going solo and so did Cool Supreme. Who had got a record deal, his record “B-boys” was top rap song for 6 weeks. Sept- Oct  1984.”- Edguardo Vargas. 

“For over 40 years Dj Eman has been a fixture in his community and surrounding communities by providing sound and entertainment for community events and fundraisers. He has also been a mentor for the youth in his neighborhood teaching them the Value of being an entrepreneur and community socializing through music. Since 1980 the South Bronx has been fortunate to have Dj Eman as an entertainment source that has pleased thousands upon thousands of people playing music– “Don figga”(NdaGame).

In the Projects every year we set up to function at the Mitchell old timers Reunion, In the Bronx NY. Mitchell Projects is said to be the most dangerous projects in Bronx, NY.

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