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September 26, 2022
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Ac the Promoter- “Mind of a Boss”


By: Clarence Gonzales/Lavonne Gonzales (Rezconnect Entertainment)

Ac the Promoter Entertainment- Originally,  from California but a resident of Phoenix,  Arizona. Ac the Promoter,  a well rounded Latino rap artist has made his way in the music industry. With the “Mind of a boss”, a successful clothing branding project Ac, started in 2013. 

I remember in Bullhead City Arizona. When Ac, was booking for Mr Capone, Ceo of High Powered records.  High power records was having an event in the hot river city of Bullhead, Az. I helped him work his event, pulling tickets at the door. The show featured all of High Power records artists. 

That seemed like just yesterday. It was actually almost thirteen Years ago. Although, at that time we also booked with Ac to make an appearance in Parker, Az. Ac and Cuete Yeska were the two artists that made their way to Parker, Az. That was somewhere around 2008. 

From that point on, I saw nothing but progress from this young man. Doing shows and signing artists left and right. Working with some of the big names across the United States. Ac the Promoter Entertainment, became a popular label. Assisting with management for Solja Sick. Working Solja into a record deal with Thump Records.  

Solja Sick- Alex Jiminez, AKA Solja Sick. The next generation of young native rappers. Alex Jiminez, is of native american and mexican descent. A member of Muscogee creek nation, Oklahoma. A young man raised on the Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation, in Parker, Az.

Ac, is known to collaborate with many artists. On the track ” Everything about you”. Ac, collaborated with Arizona rap legend “Mc Magic” Featuring “Sophia Maria”, a successful female Chicana singer. Ac, has collaborations with Lazy Bone, Zig Zag, Cuete Yeska, Solja Sick, Emilio Herrera, Lazy dubb, Marty O’bey and Rocky Padilla. 

Marco Cardenas, also known as MC Magic, brought his talent from Nogales, to Tucson, to Phoenix. Now he’s a internationally-known artist.(

Although, with the success of the label.  Ac, lost his soul mate Valarie Chavez. The mother to his beautiful children of whom he raises and gives his all for. Ac, dedicated the track “Guardian Angel”, featuring Marty O’bey, to Valarie.

We salute Mr. Chavez on his successful endeavors. It most definitely takes the “Mind of a boss”, to do what Ac Chavez does. Its hard work and determination. That makes it all possible for the label mates and Mr. Chavez Ceo of Ac The Promoter Entertainment. Be sure to look for him @acthepromoter.

“The spirit is a powerful energy, like water in a river. That’s the value of physical life. You only get one – do your best. Live your best life”.


Ac the Promoter Entertainment

September 26, 2022
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Ac the Promoter Entertainment- Originally, from California but a resident of Phoenix, Arizona. Ac the Promoter, a well rounded Latino rap artist has made his way in the music industry. With the “Mind of a boss”, a successful clothing branding project Ac, started in 2013.

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Deebo Lotti Maserati

September 12, 2022

Deebo Lotti Maserati

Phoenix Arizona – CEO of Every Stack Counts

Family of Indians

By: Clarence Gonzales (Rezconnect Entertainment) Lavonne Gonzales 

Deebo Lotti- Damien aka, “Deebo Lotti Maserati” Newsome. Is an emerging artist from Phoenix, Arizona and the CEO of Every Stack Counts Entertainment. His sound is a unique blend of his west coast and midwest influences, since he was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.

Moving to Phoenix, Az at age twelve and becoming a resident of Phoenix, Az.  Damien had attended  school at Madison #1 which is part of the Madison school district and then attended Camelback high school. Damien was raised in a christian household and was through most of his young adult life. 

“Being a part of the Arizona hip hop movement was a  blessing.” Damien said. His mother was an R & B singer. Damien says ” I used to vibe with her, started out making beats and freestyling. Then eventually moved into putting out demos to the neighborhood”.  With the closet booth and catchy hooks, he began his journey into the music industry. One night at a drive thru liquor store Damien heard a car listening to one of his demos. “To hear my music being played out a car stereo was the motivation- in east Phoenix”.  

“Traphouse- was the influence- said I had to be more consistent”. 

“For over a decade Deebo has released multiple mixtapes and albums that have been praised by avid Hip-Hop listeners across the United States. His talent has allowed him to collaborate with industry heavyweights like: Kevin Gates, Philthy Rich, Nino Brown, DJ Drama and more. He is most known for his “Gas” album series “Thousand Pounds Of Gas” (2018), “Gas Mountain” (2019), “Gas Galore” (2020), “Gas Galore 2” (2021) and “Gas Forever” (2022). In 2020 Deebo was considered for a Grammy nomination for “Best Melodic Rap Performance” for his song “Breadwinner” on the Grammy short-list. “Gas Galore 2″ also debuted at #15 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts when it was released”. – (Deebo Lotti Maserati Bio).

“Deebo was inspired by Busta Rhymes and Rick James’ video “In the Ghetto” for the visual  “Save Me.”- 

“The track “Save me”,  has a feature with Arizona rap mogul – Judge the Boss and Philthy Rich”.

Philthy Rich is one of Rap Music’s heavyweights. From the city of Oakland  California. But, resides in Henderson, Nevada.

” Philthy,  Phillip Anthony Beasley, known professionally as Philthy Rich is an American rapper. He first began his career in 2007 when he recruited fellow rappers Mistah F.A.B., J. Stalin, Shady Nate, Beeda Weeda, Ray Ryda, Eddi Projex & Lil Al tha Gamer to come on tour with him”-( Wikipedia).

Short interview with Deebo- 

Are you still coaching the boys basketball league?

“I’m connected,  my baby boy is still playing- I haven’t been coaching in a few years. I give it up for the coaches. It takes a lot of time.  I’m good at coaching and understand the game of basketball.  As I got closer to the college league – I lost the love for it because of politics. My son plays with a team that’s endorsed by Adidas. I know a lot of kids that can make it to the NBA.  My son has been playing since he was eight years old. Consistency is the key”.

What is the inspiration behind you, to do what you do? – Rapping, Business and coaching?

Coaching – “My kids, my son- I played high-level basketball. What also influenced me was the coaches at that time weren’t teaching simple things as lay up lines”.

Business–  “Had to take care of the kids.” 

Rapping – “Was a hobby- I grew up on hip hop music. It came naturally”.

Heard you were retiring from the rap game- Is this true?

“Aww- man I’m getting older. I spent a lot of money on my brand. I want to get into more media stuff and sign a few people to my label. You know a behind the scenes type thing”.

“I have a project going, like a nipsey thing. Nipsey was my inspiration”- (Deebo Lotti).

 Deebo Lotti Maserati,  is an inspiration to us all- Deebo is currently putting together a special installment of the “Gas” series that will include an entire box set of all the “Gas” projects. Offering a “Gas Galore” Jersey, thumb drive, autograph poster and an album release party at  a cost of one thousand dollars. Deebo’s label is only printing one hundred copies of this last album. 

In today’s society, life is mixed with a lot of different cultures. Hip-Hop is a culture that tells a story of life. Sometimes it’s a story of life in the struggle. Or sometimes it’s a story of life in the streets. Whatever story the spirit brings is Knowledge. We should learn from it. 



August 18, 2022
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Edguardo Vargas- Bronx, NY, grew up in the Bronx as a young man. During the 80’s there was a culture called ” Hip Hop”. At that time, hip hop was giving young adults and adolescents something positive to do. In that era was a time when gangs were about in the streets.

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